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The Why

I've had a chance to reflect during this quarantine. I know I do not have to do this so I've been asking myself WHY do this and WHY now? I came to realize that it's what I want to stand for and how I want to live my life. I believe it's the ultimate solution to taking care of ourselves and our natural environment.
I believe the move to all-natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly is inevitable. We and Earth will continue down a self-destructive path if we do not make these changes. Wellness has also become essential because of the constant stress brought about by social media peer pressure touting false,  exorbitant, wasteful lifestyles. Plastic things, projections and dreams that create plastic wants, characters and values. All plastics are destructive for us and the environment. 
Everything goes back to freeing ourselves from synthetics, excess and unnatural things and habits. Our body and earth are composed of natural elements. We need to go back in harmony with these elements. 
This is why I want to make all-natural, eco-friendly and sustainable readily accessible for everyone: for us to live in harmony with our own bodies, each other and with Mother Earth.

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